Monday, April 29, 2013

My Favorite Conversations

These pictures are from Elder Martin, they are from like a week or two ago. We went to a place called Cuicocha, a lake in a crater. The pictures are from Elder Martin's camera. He isn't my companion, but my ZL. We spent kind of a lot of time with them last week on exchanges and on the pday activity.

This week started slow because Elder Walker and I were a little sick. Things got better and we got in some good lessons with some less actives. San Roque is still tough for me because it is so different than my other sectors. We are trying to contact folks just in the streets, but they aren't very responsive. The good thing is that my companion likes to have fun so gettin back home and studies in the mornings are fun and it helps carry me through the dusty days. We have 2 service projects planned for this coming week for Tuesday and Wednesday. I am pumped for the services, it is fun to work in a different way. There isn't a whole lot of news here, things are just pluggin along. We learned a little bit of Kichwa yesterday from a sister who teaches Kichwa. That'll be fun to apply this week. My favorite conversations are explaining the basics to people about their eternal identity and destiny; something that most other religions don't touch on.

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